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07 October 2014 @ 10:31 pm
I miss writing . I would like to write all day but this thing doesn't allow me to.
Hopefully it will be soon.
Sorry. I just needed to say it ...
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Tittle: "Time gets frozen"
Characters : "Chibi", Kota Yabu , Victoria
Genre : Still don't know
Disclaimer: Just based on the boys from Hey!Say!JUMP , specially Hey!Say!BEST . Just an inspiration ^^ . This is complete fiction
Special Stuff : The parts that are writen with bold style are the thoughts of "Chibi" in the right moment . The rest of the text which is in a normal letter , are the events  that basically are being presented by an omniscient narrator.

-Chibi was in front of the mirror: She was trying on some new clothes that she had bought some days ago. Finally she smiles softly to herself when she sees that the beautiful pink shirt looks  completely good with the White pants which had a cute bear on the left side. She keeps in silence and tilts her head to look at her entire way of dressing, putting her hands on the sides of the shirt to stretch it – “What will Kota feel when he sees me dressed this way? ” – she smiles gently again and looks at her hair, seeing that even if it was long, it wasn’t completely perfect in her opinion. Suddenly, the bell of the house sounds, making her jump and making her heart to start beating completely fast – “Finally… you are here” –

-Chibi keeps still even if she knows that the one who has arrived is Kota, but she prefers to wait a little bit until fortunately her mother talks in a high voice – “It’s Kota-kun!! I will open the door!”. – The Young girl inmediately goes out running down stairs and shakes her head, talking to her mom - ”It’s okay mom … I will do it” – the girl smiles and her mom as well, the older woman just going to her bedroom and then Chibi opening the door slowly-

- the door now is completely open and the man who was in the other side of the door, turns around and looks at the girl, him smiling inmediately – “Hey…Chibi” – the Young man looks at the girl and the way she looks, smiling charmingly while his eyes were closing now turning into a completely cute gesture - … “You look good ”

- Chibi that was in front of him, keeps still for some seconds and then she just shakes her head ans slaps Kota’s arm – “Shut up… stop saying silly things . It’s late, we need to start doing homework” – she turns around, now trying to hide her blushy face –

-  After some seconds, they finally get inside Chibi’s bedroom, so Kota sits on the bed and looks around the spot, then his eyes meeting with one special photo that they had together, so he stands up and gets in front of the photo, taking it between his hands and seeing it with a big smile on his face- “It has been so much time since we took our last photo together …”

-Chibi, who was taking some books out from her bag being still nervous, turns around and finds what he was really doing. She listens to his words and sighs nostalgic – “You are right… but maybe we don’t have so much time as we had before” – she takes the books that they needed and put them on the desk, waiting for him to turn around – “Come here … we have lots of thigs to do …” – she sits on one side of the desk and starts opening a book in an specific page, while the man finally leaves the photo in the same spot as before and then just sits by her side –

- Yabu starts looking at the books and then looks at Chibi, smiling inmediately and tilting his head – “Did you read the book I gave you? ”

-Chibi stops looking at the book she was observing and then looks at him, with a teasing gesture – “I saw the book … but I can’t read it because I can’t understand what it says…” – smiles a little bit, rollling her eyes and then just going back to see the study book, while the man smiles and stretches his hand to reach the spanish book he gave her before which was near to them fortunately –
“let’s see…” – the Young man opens the book in a random page, then just showing a drawing that was in that page to the girl – “You see this? … It’s a monkey… and in spanish is called Mono

-the girl looks at him and tilts her head – “Mono?” – she puts her elbows on the desk and observes him with all her attention – “And… what else?” – looks interested in the book and obviouly in what Yabu is saying –

- the Young man now seeing the interest of the girl, starts looking for other image in the book and some seconds later finding another one – “Okay … this is a bird … and it’s called Ave in spanish” – the man changes the page – “And finally this is a luciérnaga ” –

- the girl looks at him with so much attention while she smiles, then just asking to the last part of what he said – “lucier…gana?” – tilts her head – “Is this a firefly? ” – the girl smiles with lots of doubts on her face –

Luciérnaga… and yes it’s a firefly” – the Young man turns to her and smiles widely, looking back at the book and just like caressing the page- … “Don’t you think they are beautiful? I think they wouldn’t get sad in their entire life because they are shining all the time” – smiles and keeps looking at the book –

Stupid boy … of course they would feel sad sometimes… all humans and animals have feelings.Even though, if you say that I would believe it if that’s your truth.

-the girl stares at him and smiles – “Thanks for the information… now I know more Spanish words than before” - smile softly and closes the book suddenly – “Now we have to start working … we have a Project to do and we just have one week left” – nods and stands up inmediately, realizing that there was a book missing and that they were really needed, so she goes to her bookcase and starts looking for it – “mmm biology … no …maths of course not … oh here it is!” – smiles as she finds the book and slowly starts walking back to the desk while she opens the book and starts looking and reading – “ohh! this is the one that we need … all of the information is here… ”

– she keeps walking straigth to the desk and she doesn’t remember for some seconds that Yabu was there , so suddenly she falls on him , fortunately the chair nor Yabu falling to the floor – “… “ – there was a deep silence after Chibi falls on him, her eyes and entired not moving at all -

- Yabu’s hands are lifted as the girl’s body is between them, not allowed to move or pulling away, just there - … “C-Chibi?” … - his face was completely in front of hers, both of breathing feeling each other as never before . The silence kept for some more seconds as her eyes and his couldn’t separate- …

- The body of the girl was shaking completely, her cheeks get complely red and her hair falls accidentally on Yabu’s face, making him scape from her sight and putting his hand on his face for the hair to not hurt his eyes, even though some hair touches his nose, making him sneeze inmediately – “abchoo!” – the man sneezes twice more as the girl shakes her head and pulls away from him inmediately, getting her feet on the floor and pushing the chair until it felt on the floor with him on it – “Idiot!”

- the man that now was on the floor, shakes his head while he rubs his nose who was still scratching because of the touch of the hair- “H-Hey! Why did you push me to the floor! It wasn’t my fault…” – after these words he keeps still , now looking at the girl who was stood in front of him, her cheeks completely red and her eyes without blinking. He stands up inmediately, getting a little bit worried – “Are you okay?” – gets in front of her – “C-Chibi? I am sorry … D-Did I sneeze on your face? I am really sorry ..” – he gets completely worried but some seconds later , she looks at him and shakes her head, just saying – “No… I just felt dizzy because of the chair…I am sorry for falling on you , my mistake …” – she finally smiles and starts walking to the desk and sitting on the other side of the man, now looking with attention the book she got, then Yabu, not understanding her reaction, decided to do the same as her, and the rest of the study section was just focused in the topic they were studying and preparing-

- Like and hour later, both of them go down stairs for Yabu to leave to his house, so before he leaves, they keep in the main door of the house and smile each other. Yabu was ready to go, but the girl stopped him just before he went out from the house – “Yabu… ” – the man turns around inmediately and looks at her, waiting for the reason why she call him, so the girl keeps talking – “What do I mean for you?”…

- the Young man gets surprised because of the question, even though he decides to answer without asking something like “Why do you ask that so suddenly?”.After some seconds,he answers the question - “You are the person I trust the most in this world, and the person who knows about me the most … No one can get the place that you take up in my life … you are … like a soulmate” – he smiles to her and then keeps in silence, then just waving and smiling more – “have a good night my Chibi” …

- the girl waves back and closes the door, just keeping in silence and putting her hand on the left side of her chest, feeling how deep was her heart beating – “K-Kota … s-stay …” – she whispers to herself, then just going back to her room until the next day-

Soul… mate?

-the next day was Wednesday, and the alarm didn’t sound , making the girl just wake up because of casuality. When she does, she jumps from the bed and not having time to take a shower, she goes out from the house running to get the bus – “God! I will get late!! Why today!! Why?!” – she repeats these words one time and another while she was running and just when she was getting inside of the bus, her cellphone sounds, so she takes it out seeing that it was a Yabu’s call. She picks it up – “Hey… what’s wrong? Sorry I am late… but I will get there soon…”

– the guy, in the other side of the phone, doesn’t let her continue talking – “Oh it’s okay it’s okay … don’t worry..” – he laughs nervous– “I completely forgot to tell you yesterday that … we have no class today because of some personal things of the teacher so … it’s okay… and I am really sorry for not telling you”

-the girl keeps still and a little bit upset – “You little idiot! I could keep sleeping but you didn’t tell me!” – the girl huffs and the guy speaks inmediately – “ I am really sorry … “ -says in the other side, then keeping talking – “But, since you are already out … can we meet? I really would like to see you now…”

He wants… to see me? What for?

-the girl sighs and nods even if he can’t see her, then just answering – “Okay… where?” – The man tells her the place for the meeting and she thinks she will get there fast, since the place was nearer from her house, compared to the place where the university was. She gets a little bit anxious and starts wondering some things to herself but in a voice that can be heard by other people -  “ I wonder why he wants to see me so suddenly…” - the girl after two bus stations, goes out from the bus and starts walking not too fast not too slow, her breathing a little bit heavy and her cheeks completely red. Some minutes after she gets to the place he told her, the man not being there –

-Chibi, in the middle of nothing starts looking to one side and another, trying to find Yabu who was supposed to be waiting there – “Mmm … where are you?” – her eyes, inocent of everything and just anxious for the meeting, place in her left side, making her keep still and now without blinking – “A-Ahh…” – she opens her mouth, her breathing scaping from her lungs and hiding in her memories, now that Kota was walking to the side they were going to meet, but not alone because his hand was being held by the girl of last time, that foreigner who smelled good… -

That smile .. The way you see her … the way you talk to her… Even if I can’t hear you and even if I am not right there I know the way you feel. Last time when I saw you with her,  I thought I was wrong but after all it wasn’t a mistake… Kota, you love her. You love her… You don’t love me…What about those words of yesterday? … Why if I am the one who knows you  more than anyone… is her hand that his holding yours instead of mine? …
Well I really know that answer … I know that … and the answer is … because you really love her …
I want … to dissapear…

-finally Kota sees Chibi who was still in the middle of the place, he smiling and walking with Victoria holding his hand. They get in front of Chibi, both of them with a big smile – “Chibi… you got here earlier...” – Kota smiles to her and Victoria a little bit shy, awaits for the girl to answer-

- Chibi after some seconds, starts smiling widely to Kota, starting to act as always – “I always get early… I am not like you ,who gets late everytime ” – she keeps smiling, finally meeting her eyes with Victoria, who was looking at her completely curious –

- Victoria, smiles to Chibi and starts talking with a very polite gesture, her voice completely delicate and femenine – “Can I ask… your name?”- the pretty girl keeps smiling to Chibi, Yabu suddenly starting to talk – “Oh Vicky… she is my friend… the one that I was always mentioning to you…” – Yabu clears his throat – “Well. I am not used to use this name but her name is…”

– Chibi inmediately interrupts his words with an energenit voice as her smiles – “Chibi… call me Chibi”

-Victoria tilts her head and smiles a little bit- “Chibi? … that’s cute“– she laughs softly like a royalty princess, while Chibi just answers-”Yes… Chibi… just Chibi… that’s my name…”

- the three people who were there, were smiling widely, and after some minutes they started talking. Finally, after deciding lots of things , Yabu was presenting his oficial girlfriend , Victoria, to her best friend “Chibi” , an even  that just shows that he really wanted to take love in his life as a serious thing. During all the conversation, Chibi didn’t stop smiling and joking with Yabu as they were used to do, now the cheeks of the girl completely pale –

… Soul… mates?

-Chibi just talks the most normal as she can and after some hours the romantic couple finally go and Chibi goes as well, going in different directions. The Young girl, still with her pale cheeks, starts walking, after some steps  getting between another unknown place, her body not moving and her eyes hurting again, the tears not appearing at all –

The time … simply seems to get frozen…
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Tittle: "Two people & Two cups of coffee "
Characters : "Chibi", Kota Yabu , Victoria .
Genre : Still don't know
Disclaimer: Just based on the boys from Hey!Say!JUMP , specially Hey!Say!BEST . Just an inspiration ^^ . This is complete fiction
Special Stuff : The parts that are writen with bold style are the thoughts of "Chibi" in the right moment ; The parts which are written Like this are the thoughs of Kota Yabu  . The rest of the text which is in a normal letter , are the events  that basically are being presented by an omniscient narrator.

“Mmm … today seems to be a very good day” – the girl wakes up one more day, feeling herself relieved for a strange reason. She smiles widely and diferent from other days, she stands up from bed fastly and goes to take a shower with a strange energy. After thirty minutes , she is ready and taking advantage of the time, she takes her phone and starts checking a social website. Kota was online- “Hey idiot, see you today? ” – she talks to him with a big smile on her face. He answers inmediately- “I am not going to the class, I have some businesses to attend, but see you tonight for talking about the book and well… other homeworks J

– Chibi answers inmediately , still with his idiota smile – “Okay” – Chibi really wanted to write more but she just could stand it – “Bye” – she inmediately goes out from her bedroom, with a big and strange smile –

Not seeing Kota in class will be a good thing because I can focus better on what the teacher is saying, but I will really miss sitting with him in the grass in our break. Still… it will be a good day because I will be with him in the night… A night with my Kota…

-she smiles widely and proceeds to go out from her house, not having breakfast because the butterflies in her stomach were enough to cure that necessity. She keeps smiling, trusting that the entire day will be a complete good dream –

-Kota was waiting and watching to his watch, his toe was moving anxiously as well as his eyes that were looking to all of his sides. Suddenly, the person that he was waiting for arrived finally- “Yabu-kun… I am sorry! ” – the pretty girl says while she puts her hand on her chest like not letting her heart to scape from there-

– the Young man gets completely surprised because she just appeared even if he was watching everywhere. He smiles and shakes his head denying – “It’s okay… You don’t have to apologize… I just got here” – he bows and smiles even more – “You didn’t have to run… I would wait for you the necessary time…”

“Oh…” – the girl blushes inmediately and smiles nervous, realizing that even if she tried to act normal, he could see her sweat on her neck – “N-No .. It’s okay… I put effort in the things I think are important… well …” – she keeps smiling and trying to act normal -  “Can we enter to the café? We can start with our class inmediately…”

“Yes… that would be nice…” – Kota clears his throat trying to not act nervous in front of her. Inmediately he waits for her to start walking straight to a coffee shop that was in front of them –

-the girl smiles and sits inmediately while she waits for him to sit– “Did you study the last lesson?” – she tilts her head and then  she takes two books and one notebook out of her bag while she waits for the answer –

“Well… more or less. I think I get lots of distractions in my house. But I do my best, Trust me” – he laughs obviosly laughing of himself, while he takes out a notebook as well – “I really prefer to take classes with you… I learn more” – he gets like frozen looking at her, Licking his lips without noticing-

“…” – the girl blinks inmediately, blushing even more but now just trying to relax – “it seems that I am a good teacher after all… you have learned a lot and in few weeks” – she chuckles and cuts the contact of the eyes of both – “Let’s see the next unit, okay? ” – she opens her book and looks for the right page – “look… today we are going to work on some vocabulary. Well actually it is food related vocabulary…” – she is watching to her book and when she looks up to her student, he keeps looking at her in the same way, making her feel more embarrassed than before and a little bit upset . She inmediately closes the book and starts talking in a higher volumen of voice – “Look Yabu-kun… I don’t know what I have in my face, but just stop looking at me in that way, okay? ”  - she puffs her cheeks, obviously not wanting to look cute-

“Oh… I am sorry…” – the man shakes his head and clears his throat nervous – “I am sorry for making you feel unconfortable and…”

“Shhh… just focus in the class, after all you are paying me so I have to do my best to make this class fabulous” – she smiles still upset but not wanting to make the situation worse – “Okay… so please take out your books and open the first book in the page 30…”

-the man gets frozen once more – “I-I didn’t bring my books…” – he rubs his hair nervous of the reaction of the girl that really was looking upset – “I am sorry once more… maybe I seem to be the worst student you have had…”

-the girls looks at him without a definitive expression and suddenly starts laughing – “Oh god… what a distracted guy you are ” – she starts laughing , covering her mouth and her cheeks getting pink, like strawberry lollipops – “…”

God you look so beautiful…

-the Young man continues to laugh even if he is feeling nervous and not knowing what to say exactly - … “I am sorry…”

- the girls tries to stop laughing and denies – “it’s okay… you remind me of myself when I was studying ” – she puts the books near to him and inmediately stands up from her seat, seating next to him and smiling – “Okay … now this is our only resource…” – she looks at him and smiles, pointing to one paragraph specifically – “Start reading this first paragraph…” – she smiles again to him while some of her hair falls on her cheek –

“…” – the Young man looks at her gestures and hair and keeps in silence for some seconds, shaking his head for trying to focus in the class – “Y-yes! ” – looks at the book, at the beginning not understanding so much what was said there. After some seconds he read in his mind and keeps looking without understanding the entire meaning of the text, but at least understanding the letters there in romaji – “Mmm… r-ra …c-comida s-sula”

-the girls look at the text while he is reading it and inmediately when he finishes reading, she smiles and points to the book – “Well done Kota… but remember that these words are pronounced not as an “r” but as an “l”, okay? … Then this part of “la comida” is not pronounced as “ra comida” but “la comida”… ”

- the Young man looks at her with so much attention, trying to understand what she is saying but having a big difficulty with that, even though he acts as he understood everything she said – “It’s clear now …” – the man smiles nervous and both of them keep studying for like one hour and a half . After that time they tell the waiter to bring two cups of coffee and some pie. The waiter after some minutes brings the order and they look at the food and the drink with so much attention while they smile. They take the cups near to them, letting the pie in the middle of the table –

“It smells good… ” – the girl takes one of the cups between her hands, not lifting it but just feeling the warmth of the cup while she smiles widely – “I really like coffee…” – she keeps smiling and smells the coffee for some seconds – “it reminds me of my country… it really brings me memories about that beautiful place…”

-the Young man looks at her with attention, not smiling and not serious, just focused in everything she was saying – “How much time have you been here in Japan?” – he tilts his head, doing the same as her with the cup and like caressing it –

“five years. I’ve been here for five years. It has been an excellent experience but… you know.It’s hard when you miss your family and” – she looks to the window and shows a nostalgic face – “But I think I have to stay here… at least for some more time…”

-Kota tilts his head again , looking at all her gestures and not knowing what to say exactly, but in some seconds he starts to talk – “Well … I think you are following your dreams … and experiences will bring rewards after all. Sacrifice and effort always bring rewards” – he nods and smiles, trying to confort the girl in that moment – “Your misión is to teach idiots like me … and make them good students” – he keeps smiling, his eyes now almost closed –

-the girl turns around again to look at him and finds that beautiful gesture in front of her plus his beautiful words , so she starts smiling widely, feeling confortable in that moment – “You are right… I have to, definetely… ” – she smiles a little bit more and finally takes a sip of coffee, sighing and looking at him – “I am used to drink coffee in this place… but for some strange reason today it tastes better than other days…” – she smiles to him, feeling a little bit embarrassed of her words – “Do you like coffee, Yabu-kun?”

- the Young man smiles widely and nods – “Yes… I like coffee a lot” – he sighs and looks to the window that was revealing that outside some kids were playing – “But I definetely… like you more…”

- the mouth of the girl was on the edge of the cup, making her rub her teeth on the warm ceramic. She was completely surprised of his words – “…” – she keeps in silence for some seconds and puts the cup again on the plate, not blinking at all, but this time starting to talk finally  – “I have to go…” – she takes her bag and inmediately goes out from the coffee shop, even if her books were still on the table-

- the man gets completely surprised by the girl’s reaction and without taking the books or his bag, he goes out almost running from the coffee shop, trying to catch her – “H-Hey! Wait!” – he runs a little bit and gets in front of her, not letting her go – “W-Wait… I-I am sorry… I am really sorry if my comment was so suddenly…and was… out of place but…” – his body is shaking and his hands are moving while he explains – “I couldn’t help it… that’s the truth… ”

-the girls tries to avoid him but at the end she stops struggling, just stoping in front of him and looking down in silence –

“I am sorry… ” – the man looks scared – “If you don’t feel confortable with this feeling… I…” – he sighs rubbing his head – “I can’t promise to make it dissapear… but at least… I could keep in silence and not mention it again…” – he licks his lips and breaths heavily – “Please don’t get away from me…”

-the girl blinks once and looks at her side, then looking up to him deeply in silence– “…” – after some seconds, she starts playing with her hands nervously, Licking her lips – “That’s not the problem Yabu-kun…” – she keeps playing with her hands and smiles – “Well actually… the problem is that I feel the same…”

-the man keeps in silence and tilts his head, not knowing if the words he was hearing were real – “E-Eh? …” – he shakes his head and gets confused – “T-Then… is that feeling a problem?...”

- the girl sighs and smiles a little bit more – “Yes… ” – she looks at him deeply – “the problem is that your presence is getting more important than the coffee that I am used to drink…” – she licks her lips and watching to the sides, she slowly puts her hand on the shirt of the guy, pulling it a little bit for him to be nearer to her. He slowly puts his hand on her right cheek and gets near to her until both of them shut their words with a lovely kiss in the middle of the Street. After some seconds he pulls away from her a little bit, even though his breathings could be felt by each other –… “Victoria… I like your name… I like you” – the boy whispers and continues to kiss her –

Tonight will be a precios night… A night with my Kota…

-Chibi thinks while she is checking some photos of Kota Yabu. Photos that were going to be part of a future surprise –“I love you my Kota…” - she whispers to herself, then looking at herself in a mirror and fixing her hair – “You can do it girl…You can be his only one… ”
I was thinking a lot of the general name of this series ... and I already decided it ^-^ . It's gonna be "Café con Leche" , that is an spanish sentence related to the drink "Coffee with milk" ^^
Please enjoy the 3rd chapter and thank you a lot for reading if you casually get here!

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Tittle: "Three First Times"
Characters : "Chibi", Kota Yabu , Kei Inoo
Genre : Still don't know
Disclaimer: Just based on the boys from Hey!Say!JUMP , specially Hey!Say!BEST . Just an inspiration ^^ . This is complete fiction
Special Stuff : The parts that are writen with bold style are the thoughts of "Chibi" in the right moment . The rest of the text which is in a normal letter , are the events  that basically are being presented by an omniscient narrator.

-She walks slowly back to her house, her eyes completely focused in the images she saw like an hour before – “…. “– she opens the door of the house where she lived with her parents and two sisters, one of them already in her own life as a wife – “god I am tired…” – she goes upstairs just before her mother asks her something, gets inside her room and takes the bag off her back. Finally she just lies down her bed, her face looking up, now staring at the lightbulb- “god even the light is so hard now… why?” – she covers her eyes with her arm, not realizing that the pain in her eyes was because the tears that never went out from her- …

She was beautiful… she was really beautiful. She was tall, she was blond and had a sweet voice. I am really envious… you were touching his hand. Who’s her? Kota never told me about her… obviously she is not Japanese, not because of the hair, but because of her accent and obvioustly her face… Kota, why didn’t you tell me about her before? … Why? My heart is hurting… my heart…

-the girl uncovers her eyes and puts her hand in the left side of her chest. She starts laughing suddenly – “…” – she tries to stop laughing and then just keep smiling to herself, still looking at the lightbulb, but now not directly – “She is just one more… she is just one more of his conquests”… - keeps laughing and smiling, until she could get asleep –

- some hours later her cell phone starts to sound, waking her up inmediately and almost making her fall from the bed. She answers- “Hello?” – a manly voice starts sounding on the other side of the call- “Stop sleeping constantly… you will turn into a bear” – she inmediately smiles for herself, knowing that the voice was Kota’s, but she obvioustly hides her happiness of hearing his voice – “Shut up… I will turn into a bear who studies a lot” – he starts laughing inmediately, then just changing the topic – “Did you like the book? Did you already look at it completely” – the girl tries to sound completely happy because of his words – “Kind of… I have to look for the entire meaning of the book… but thank you…” – the Young man smiles widely – “As I told you, maybe we can discover the meaning of the entire book soon… I will help you for that Chibi”…

Now you are talking to me in this way again… Don’t you realize that you make me feel even more in love with you? You are so charming, stupid but charming… I love when that Chibi “word” is more than a simple name for the trust that we have for each other…

-the girl keeps with the conversation, now changing the topic inmediately- “Did you have success with all your bussinesses, Yakuza-man?”- the Young man keeps in silence for some seconds and the starts laughing again – “Yes… fortunately… but nothing important at the end… just stuff and nothing more…”

– The girl smiles even more, tightening her hand in the pillow for not starting to laugh as an idiot.She starts talking now trying to not saying unappropriate words - “As always… I mean. At the end everything was fine”…

-Kota just stays quiet for some seconds again, maybe not understanding completely the words that she mentioned but know just avoiding to ask – “See you tomorrow in the class…”
“Yes… have a good night…” – she inmediately finishes the call and sighs with a big smile- “Nothing special… ne?” – She talks to herself, acting as she was talking to him- “Now I can study completely focused…” – she takes a book, but even if she said that she was going to focus in her studies, she looks then to her side, observing with attention a photo where they were together, both of them with “Mickey Mouse’s hats” at school. They looked happy. She smiles and keeps looking the photo for two hours- “…”

I remember the time… when we were in school. You have always been that handsome and charming, your smile have been so cute since you were born… so there was no doubt that lots of girls were in love with you, or well, at least there were lots of girls who wanted to kiss you or be called your girlfriends, even if the time was of 1 month or less…

I was used to listen to some music and read some books after the classes had finished because I wanted to use my time doing something while you were in soccer club. I always wanted to go home with you and my excuse was that I was spending my time doing homeworks and that the fact of meeting with you was just a coincidence.
One time I was listening to one of my favorite songs as usual, I was at the library in the side of the window. I saw some of your friends going out and ready for going to their homes, that making me so happy because I thought you were going to be out earlier. I waited some minutes and finally thirty minutes passed and you didn’t went out. I started to get worried because you were used to go out as fast as possible, looking for me at the library and maybe taking advantage to eat some icecream.

The time kept passing by and I got tired and even more worried… “Did you go home without me this time, Kota?”, I asked to my self, starting to feel my heart beating so fast because of the anxiety of walking that lonely road without your calming words. I stood up inmediately from my seat at the library, I took my books and went out of it, starting to run inmediately, as usual, without looking of the people who was in front of me. I crashed with one of your friends, who was completely nice to me always that I fall on the floor or crash with him: I don’t know why, but he was so unfortunate of receiving my hits.

Kei-chan… have you seen Kota?” I asked some seconds later after he helped me to recover all the stuff that had fallen to the floor. He tilted his head and the denyed completely “Well I just saw some people who was with him in the club… they went out from the gym like almost an  hour ago…”. He smiled to me warmly, willing to help me “If you want, we can go and look for him somewhere?”. I nodded completely convinced and inmediately we walked along all the school, myself getting even more worried because Kota didn’t even answer his cell phone.

We kept walking until we got to the gym. Kota’s friend, that was called Inoo Kei, sighed because it wasn’t possible to find Kota. “Maybe he went home… and maybe his cell phone is out of battery”. I nodded inmediately and looked down. “Thank you for helping me … Kei-chan…
When we were going to walk away from that place, we started to hear some sounds that came from the place were the balls and the general sports’ stuff was saved. We looked each other and started to get scared, then walking near to the door of that “closed room”. The boy looked at me not knowing if opening the door was the best choice, and yeah, maybe we were in the same situation. Finally and after some seconds, the boy opened the door and a surprise was in front of us, letting us wordless and completely breathless…

Kei and I kept in front of the scene, my eyes wanting to cry thousands of tears and my heart just wanting to kill itself… well yes… there was Kota and his coach… that was a girl, a beautiful girl…

That was the first time I saw Kota in that situation with a woman…the first time I realized that Kota wasn’t the boy that was used just to have girlfriends to kiss or to act cocksure… That was the first time I saw Kota acting as a “real man” with a “real woman”…

That was the first time that I denied all the rumors around both of them… the first time before lots of times. Talking using few words, I was a kind of shield for him…

I am still thinking about the general name of the story. Meanwhile I will just divide it in parts and their respective names. Thank you for reading and for standing the mistakes that maybe you will find along the writing. Thank you again!

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Tittle: Two tears : The book and one Girl
Characters : "Chibi", Kota Yabu , The Blond Girl
Genre : Still don't know
Disclaimer: Just based on the boys from Hey!Say!JUMP , specially Hey!Say!BEST . Just an inspiration ^^ . This is complete fiction
Special Stuff : The parts that are writen with bold style are the thoughts of "Chibi" in the right moment . The rest of the text which is in a normal letter , are the events  that basically are being presented by an omniscient narrator.

“Te quiero sólo para mí… eres el único que es capaz de hacer latir mi corazón de esta forma. Por favor no te vayas … al menos, quédate cinco minutos más …” - someone's voice -

Stupid words … why are you inside my mind while I am sleeping? . Everything is black and the corner seems to be just a little White. Spanish words? … Why? I don’t understand spanish .. why I am dreaming about hearing spanish words… What do those words mean? … damn … wake up … wake up … now! …

-the girl wakes up almost jumping from the bed, trying to understand the edge between reality and dreams – “What was that?” – she talks to herself and rubs her hair, disheveling it even more. She remember all the weird things that happened the day before and inmediately sighs, feeling her heart beating completely fast again - ”What is that feeling? … Is something wrong?”  - she stands up from the bed and goes inmediately to the bathroom , being ready for university in few minutes- …

- She goes out from the house completely ready and her hair completely wet but now organized. She can’t stop thinking about the piece of paper that she found on the floor, the information written with Kota’s handwriting- “ I have to ask him about that…” - the girl walks not too fast not too slow until the bus stop. Without taking into account the time, she goes inside the bus and just start thinking about University information and the fact about she was going to graduate in two semesters. Finally she goes out from the bus and finally looking at ther watch, she realized that there was not time enough to walk slow, so she has to run completely fast until she finally gets into the university and in few minutes she goes inside the classroom - … “God… I got here...” – her breathing was completely uncontrolled because of some kind of a disease in the lungs, but fortunately not too dangerous-

- She sits in the chair that she is uses all days and then looks around, realizing that Kota was in the last chair in the classroom. She observes him completely curious and sees that he is looking for something desperately – “…” - she stares at him for some seconds, not wanting for him to realize that she is looking at him - … “What are you looking for? …” – she whispers to her self and suddenly remembers that in her pocket was the piece of paper that she have found. She puts her hand inside her pocket and holds the piece of paper, still staring at Kota but whispering to her self- … “Are you looking for this, Kota?” – the girl just keeps looking at him until he smiles to himself and takes out of his bag a wallet – “Found you!”.

- The girl just stop holding the paper and smiles a little bit - …”Idiot” – she sighs and takes her bag , walking to Kota’s side and just staring at him now he finally seeing her – “Good Morning” – she stops looking at him and just sits in the chair that was by the Young man’s side –

- Kota looks at her and tries to act normal, trying to make dissapear his previous desperate feelings – “Hey …” – he sits in his own chair and looks at her - … “What’s up, Chibi?” – rubs her hair as he was used to do and then just puts his bag in his back – “You got here late… I just got tired of waiting for you in the bus stop. Is everything okay? ”

- the girl just remembers the fact that they always meet at the same part and starts laughing a little bit nervous - … “Oh .. I am sorry. I just woke up late…” – she nods and acts normal, not paying attention of the fact that she was just thinking about the piece of paper – “Oh ... I saw you looking for something desperately… what was it?” – she tilts her head and looks at him curious but at the same time already knowing what the response was going to be –

-  Kota just smiles and rubs his own hair – “Just the wallet… I thought I have lost it ” – he keeps smiling again but for some strange reason with a not too much convincing gesture – “Did you do the homework?.. It was kind of difficult, don’t you think so?” – he changed the topic completely fast –

- the girl just stares at him completely in silence and with hesitation because of his behaviour and sudden change of the topic . She decides not to pay attention to that and simply answers the question – “Yeah…I did my homework... I spent th whole night doing it” – she lies –

- The class starts and they got completely focused on it. Two hours later the class finishes and all the students start standing up from the chairs , Kota and the girl waiting for the rest to go out as they were used to do. The girl takes her notebook inside her bag and waits for him to do the same: she stares meanwhile –

Oh god … you look awesome today Kota . You didn’t wear that shirt since always … That fits completely to your body. You fixed your hair so good and you cut it yesterday… you still have some cut hair on your neck. You smell so good , Do you know that? Even if we don’t get close enough I can feel your essence …. I can feel the way you smell … it’s so delicious. Why can’t I just stop realizing of everything you do? Sometimes is tiring you know, Kota? … Sometimes is difficult to pay attention to the class just because you are so shining in front of everyone. You are stupid as well … you like to joke and sometimes you like to be upset because of nothing . I like you Kota … I like you so much Yabu Kota . Even if I already know that you are an idol, you are my hero… Stupid Kota.

-the Young man finishes packing his stuff inside the bag and looks at her - … “Let’s go?” – he smiles widely and inmediately stands up from the chair, the girl doing the same –

- the girl smiles as well and starts walking by his side – “Why are you so elegant? … Do you have a presentation today or something like that?”

- the man just smiles casually and frowns his shoulders - … “Nope, just trying to look good” – he laughs of his own words and keeps walking, the girl just doing the same. They get to the place full of grass and sit there together,
-the girl just completely curious about the piece of paper that she found the day before, she asks him – “Kota… didn’t you lose something else? … I mean… something important?”

- the boy looks at her completely  confused and shakes his head denying – “Not really… Why?”

- the girl regrets completely about her question and shakes her head as well, but not knowing now how to make the situation reasonable- “W-Well … just it was so strange that you were looking something so desperate ...” – she smiles nervous –

- Kota, still completely confused rubs his hair – “Well I told you… I thought I have lost my wallet… nothing more”…

Why the hell did you ask that stupid question? You idiot .

-she smiles a little bit more and nods – “Yeah you told me… but I haven’t seen that face on you since you lost your bag last year… even if you had your identification there”

- the boy gets frozen for some seconds without blinking and then suddenly he starts laughing – “Oh come on Chibi, you know the way I am sometimes… sometimes I am unpredictible and dramatic” – he keeps smiling and then looks at the watch , getting a little bit surprised and then just going back to talk to her – “Just don’t think something weird, okay?”

He seems to be honest. Maybe that piece of paper means nothing, maybe I am just overthinking and…

“Oh!” – He suddenly starts talking – “I just remember something Chibi…” – he takes his bag and starts looking for something inside of it. He sticks his tongue out, Licking his lips constantly making childish gestures while he looks inside his bag – “just give me some seconds… here it is!” – he smiles widely and takes something out – “I just found this. I bought it for you” – he smiles widely and gives the girl a book – “I know it’s in spanish… but it seems to be beautiful”…

What the hell… Is this… heaven?

-the girl takes the book and looks at it , looking at the cover that had a man with some animals, then just opening it and seeing that it seems to be a book for children because of the colors and the drawings . The text inside of it was in spanish and with big letters- “Did you buy it for me?” – she says while she keeps looking at the book, completely normal outside but inside just feeling like exploding -
- the man nods and smiles – “I know that you like books and of course… you like colors and all that stuff. I thought that even if it was in spanish, it would be nice for you to have it” – smiles but suddenlyt gets worried - … “Don’t you like it?”

- she inmediately shakes her head and smiles even more – “No…no .. I like it. It looks good and the drawings are cute” – she smiles even more – “It would be nice if some of these days I can know the meaning of all these words ”…

- Kota showed completely enthusiastic and keeps smiling – “Maybe some of these days we can discover that together…..” – There was a long silence between them just until the girl decides to talk or at least to try to answer – “Eh?”

- the man shakes his head and looks away – “Just nothing” …

What do you mean with that Kota? Why suddenly you are being so nice to me? Why are you talking to me in that way? Damn my heart is gonna explode… god I want to kiss you now…

-the girl starts laughing and she hits hard Kota’s back – “You are just weird. It would be nice to know what the book says definetely. Thank you Kota”

- the man just keeps smiling and and looks at his watch again- “Sorry, I have to go now…” – he stands up and rubs the girl’s hair – “Talk to you later? I have some businesses…”

- the girl just nods with the book in her hands – “Ganbatte!” – she waves and he inmediately leaves the place –

It is just almost impossible sometimes to hide this. Maybe this is stupid or I don’t know… sometimes You  act a little bit weird an completely special to me. I hope my face is not red… This book has your  smell .. This book has his warmth and I am so happy because you know exactly what I like, that makes me so special in front of you. Kota...Am I special for you?

-she lies on the grass not caring about his ass and back getting Green as the day before. She hugs the book tightly and smiles – “This will be my precious then …from Kota’s … to his Chibi…” – she talks and smiles to her self , being in that place for one hour aproximately. After this time, she stands up and looks at her watch, realizing that it was time to go home already – “God… I have to go and have lunch” – she stands up and with her ass and back a little bit Green , she takes the book inside her bag and starts walking outside the university, then starting to walk to the bus station with a big smile on her face – “Then I should get home .. Have lunch … sleep a little bit and then keep working in that project” – she talks to herself while she walks with a stupid gesture on her face, suddenly getting hit by someone who was running –

“Hey!” – she wakes up from her stupid behaviour and looks at the person who hit her –

Perdón… I mean .. I am sorry” – the person who hit her was a girl, not too tall not too short. She was kind of blond and thin – “I am sorry I really sorry” – the beautiful girl bows feeling completely guilty –

“it’s okay.. Don’t worry” – Chibi just smiles warmly not caring about the action – “just be careful to not fall” – she laughs and waves – “You seem to be in a hurry… so don’t waste your time talking and apologizing with me...”

-the blond girl smiles and nods – “Thank you very much and I am really sorry…” – she bows once more and runs away from there –

- Chibi just stays there and starts taking all the stuff that fell to the floor because of the other girl, just not being upset and starting to laugh – “I can’t blame her… I do the same all the time” – she talks to her self once again and once she picked all the stuff, notebooks and the book that Kota gave to her, she starts walking again slowly and calmly –

-After some minutes she keeps walking , feeling her leg hurting a little bit , maybe because of the hit of the strange girl – “God that was a very hard hit…” – starts laughing like an idiot again and keeps walking , then looking at her watch – “2 pm … it’s late already … I just hope Kota has had lunch already…” – she looks up and stops suddenly , her eyes stopping to blink and her body getting completely frozen in front of a café– “…” – she focuses on what she is looking to and realizes of something that seems to be familiar to her – “Kota?” – She tilts her head and her heart starts beating fastly – “Kota?” – she talks to herself and in few seconds she looks at Kota’s side inside the café. He wasn’t alone and he was smiling widely, almost laughing: he seems to be very happy – “Who is…?” – Chibi tries to understand the situation and now observes again, now understanding perfectly the image of the person that was by Kota’s side –”her?”

- both of the people was smiling widely, they seemed to be completely happy and their hands were completely close. Kota seems completely happy and charming, and the girl who was in front of him was smiling, her face completely red and kind of shy. Their hands finally joined as they keep smiling widely-

She is beautiful… she smells good… she is blond… She is the girl that hit me some minutes ago… Her hands are touching Kota’s…  She was running because she was going to meet with Kota…

-Chibi’s breathing stops for some seconds– “Was this your business… Kota?”… - slowly she starts walking away, not being allowed to cry because she knows that after all, Kota seemed to be very happy-


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( Hello if you get here! ^w^ . Thank you for getting here. This is the first Entry ^^ . This is kind of ... I don't know? XD . Kind semi alternative story. My inspiration was Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru that appear in this story. If it is possible you will be seeing appearing other darlings along this story and I hope to continue. Good luck with reading and forgive my mistakes. I hope it can be confortable for you to read it ^^ )

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Tittle: One Paper Grass
Characters : "Chibi", Kota Yabu , Yaotome Hikaru
Genre : Still don't know
Disclaimer: Just based on the boys from Hey!Say!JUMP , specially Hey!Say!BEST . Just an inspiration ^^ . This is complete fiction
Special Stuff : The parts that are writen with bold style are the thoughts of "Chibi" in the right moment . The rest of the text which is in a normal letter , are the events  that basically are being presented by an omniscient narrator.

I am just thinking that everything will get better the next day and that I will get something to do with my life soon. I try to study hard all days, I try to do my best to make my family feel confortable and everything seems to be good at this moment. If I just take a look to my life I see a perfect life, a life without expensive things but a nice family , a good place to study , so much food to eat and a very cute dog that waits for me everyday. But why is this feeling? What is the reason I am feeling this way? ... Is that something seems to be incomplete in my life? Why? ...

-someone starts talking from far and the voice slowly takes a sound that is familiar - "Hey!"- someone walks near - "What are doing? Stop being in your own world and remember that you are in reality! ".

Wait!? what is that sound . What? the hell are you doing here? ... come on stupid Kota , don't appear in that way suddenly!... I hate you ...

"Eh?" - the girl just turns around a little bit scared and tries to smile the best she can - "What the hell are you doing? Just let me be!" - she makes a complaint face to him and goes back to her previous position.-
-Kota , knowing perfectly the way she behave, smiles widely and sits by her side - "Come on Chibi , stop acting in that way ... you will see as an old girl if you don't smile when you are by the side of such a handsome man!" - he laughs and slowly puts his hand on the girl's hair, starting to rub it and to dishevel the curl but at the same time a little bit straight hair -
- Inmediately , the girl reacts as he moves his hands on her hair , her face turning completely red because of the bad mood - "Stop stupid Kota !! ..." - she makes a girly face but at the same time a face that seemed to be the same description that he gave before- ...  -The skinny boy inmediately starts to laugh even more , now stopping his movements - "You see? You look like a granny "  - the Young man smiles widely as the girl trying to calm down , she looks at him while he smiles in that way –

Why? … Just stop smiling in that way Kota, please don’t do it more … please… No, I am lying , I love seeing you smile in that way , this is the reason why I wake up everyday . Why can’t I stop looking at you smiling? Why did you do this to me? Don’t you understand the way I feel? Is it too hard for you understand the way I feel? . Well yes, I really understand that you wouln’t think that your best friend, the girl that grew up by your side has been in love with you for almost ten years, yes I can understand that fact, I am nothing … I am just your friend, the girl that laughs of silly things around us, the girl that has been seeing you cry and suffer because of your other girlfriends, the girl that holds you tight when you have problems in your family… Yes I am that girl, just a girl that seems to be like a doggie. I can’t tell you about all these things that now are in my heart because I am scared … and I prefer to keep this inside my heart than getting in the risk of losing you. I want to keep you safe even if I am dying to kiss you at least … once.

-the skinny boy finally stops smiling and looks at the girl that at the same time is making a “bad mood” face - "You know I am just kidding" – the boy says as he slowly starts combing the girl’s hair with his long and manly hands -  "You know you are my Chibi, don’t you?"
- the girl tries to smile as she was acting hypocrite- "Just shut up, you better tell “Chibi” to your … "- the maybe unpolite words of the girl are being interrupted by the voice of a friend of the skinny boy-
"Yoo man!" …
- Kota and the girl stare at the boy that has just arrived , Kota just tilting his head and smiling inmediately – "Hey! Hikaru "
- the friend that was almost the same height as Kota sit by Kota’s side and hit his shoulder – "What’s up?"
– Kota at the same time hit his shoulder and got in a better position to talk to him - "Nothing special, just like enjoying the break"
- as soon as Kota answered the last question , Hikaru got a little bit serious and started to talk - "… can we just talk a moment?"– Hikaru looked at the girl that was by Kota’s side, the girl not looking at the boys but obviously listening what they were talking about-...
-Inmediately Kota tilts his head to the other side and makes a worried face to Hikaru – "Is something wrong? …"
- Hikaru looked at the girl but not to Kota who was the one who asked the question, then just talking inmediately – "Well , I just need to talk to you privately , can we?"
- there was a long silence in the moment. The girl listened to the words of Hikaru but she just acted as she was not listening -...
-Some seconds before Kota nods to Hikaru and smiles – "I will be back , Chibi "- he smiles to her even if the girl is not looking at him – "Wait for me to go back home together , please? "
- the girls nods and takes his pone out and without answering to him smiles a little bit - "I will be fine , go go …" - she waves a hand in a cutting way-
-After some seconds, Kota keeps smiling and starts standing up from the grass in the middle of the park , that was in the center of the University . Inmediately He and Hikaru start walking away from her, both of their butts full of grass and a little bit wet of the humidity on it . The girl keeps acting as she was using the phone, but some seconds later she stops and decides to look up , realizing that the men have completely dissapeared . She sighs and keeps in silence - …

I have a bad feeling … Why? Why is my heart beating this fast? Why Hikaru couldn’t talk in front of me?  That’s completely suspicious. Well , I am sure that he doesn’t know about my feelings for Kota , then there is no reason to be worried ... Just relax, everything is going to be okay…

-after almost twenty minutes Kota came back , this time alone. The girl looked at him completely curious but without standing up she started to talk to him – "Is everything okay, Kota? "
- the man smiles widely as he was used to do in front of her – "Yes don’t worry, everything is okay … just , men business’ "– he stretches his hand to her in order for her to stand up.
-The girl looks at him for some seconds and decides to take his hand, standing up inmediately , his butt completely wet and almost Green because of the color of the grass. She keeps  in silence and takes her bag , starting to walk inmediately , Kota doing the same as her. There was silence almost all the road and because they lived almost in the same neighbour, they can walk to their homes every single day –

Why are you acting that strange? You are used to talk to me about random things no matter what … If you were in a normal mood you would be laughing of my butt being full of grass or something . What happen Kota? Are you feeling bad? .. Talk to me holy god …

-finally both of them get in front of the girl’s house and as Kota was used to do, he waited for her to go inside her house, and then in that way he knew that she was safe , allowing that to go to his house. That day he was waiting for her to enter to her house , but in the moment she opens the door , she decides to stop and turn around to him , getting in a serious mood , asking them inmediately - ."Are you sure is everything okay? "
-  the man gets a little bit surprised , smiling warmly and answering- … "Of course everything is okay! Don’t worry "

Stupid heart , stop beating that fast , just calm down and believe him. Shh shut up

-the girl smiles a little bit and nods – "Okay … "- she slowly and hesitant puts her hand on Kota’s arm and keeps smiling - take care when you go home …"
- the man nods and walks away inmediately , this time not waiting for her to enter to her house -
-She looked at him as he walks and without realizing in what moment she looks down , realizes of something that seemed to be in Kota’s pocket and fell on the floor . It seems to be a piece of paper , an strange piece of paper with Kota’s handwriting – "What is this? " - she slowly starts reading and as the words were advancing and taking meaning, she tilts her head and tries to understand -"Spanish classes? … and a phone number " - she keeps looking at the piece of paper and then tries to understand a little bit better - "Why does Kota want spanish classes? …I don’t understand " - she takes the piece of paper inside of her pocket and gets inside of her house , not sure what it was going to happen next and completely hesitated about the reason of Kota’s behaviour and the way those words about the information found in the piece of paper were completely clear, the letter perfectly writen and the numbers completely beautiful-

He just writes with a beautiful calligraphy when something is important … Why spanish classes can be that important this time? …What the hell … is going on here? …

-she sighs for the last time in that day, wanting to sleep and not knowing what to ask the next day -